Choosing between a Corporation, LLC, or LLP

As head of the Law Office of Robert D. Lattas in Chicago, Robert Lattas specializes in representing real estate developers, property investors, and homebuyers. In addition to serving as a real estate closing attorney, he also advises businesses on matters such as incorporation.

When deciding whether to form a business as a simple corporation, a limited liability corporation (LLC), or a limited liability partnership (LLP), there are several factors to consider. Those seeking corporation status must decide between the different tax options presented by the S and C corporation types. Alternatively, an LLC provides individuals, groups of people, or companies several legal and tax advantages over simple incorporation.

Another option available to a group of individuals is to form a limited liability partnership, which can offer several benefits over forming a traditional partnership. Consult an experienced attorney before deciding which corporate structure is best suited to the needs of a particular business.


Koraes Elementary School – Promoting Intellectual Growth and Success

Immigrating Greeks who wanted to maintain their Greek Orthodox practices founded the Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Palos Hills, Illinois, in the early 1900s. Offering a wide variety of social, cultural, and educational programs, the church supports its community in a variety of ways. Chicago real estate closing attorney Robert Lattas serves on the Parish Counsel at the church. Dedicated to the parish, Robert Lattas regularly participates in church activities and activities at the church’s full-time day school, Koraes Elementary.

Founded in 1910, Adamantios Koraes Elementary promotes cultural awareness, intellectual growth, social responsibility, and ethical values. Recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education, Koraes Elementary provides a complete program for students from kindergarten to eighth grade and serves any Orthodox children. The Ministry of Education of Greece and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese also recognize the school.

Koraes Elementary School builds critical thinking skills and individuality among its students through its challenging and complex curriculum. Through the bilingual language arts program, students learn effective communication, and the small class sizes allow for plenty of one-on-one time between students and teachers. Koraes Elementary creates a safe and nurturing environment that builds intellectual strength and individuality.

Consider the Drawbacks of Mortgage Refinancing

Robert Lattas, a Chicago real estate attorney, has more than 10 years’ experience representing real estate developers and homebuyers in property transactions. He was featured as one of Chicago’s premier real estate attorneys in a 2008 publication of Real Estate Executive. Due to Mr. Lattas’ reputation for providing a high level of service, his business has grown and his practice currently includes five additional attorneys.

Now that mortgage rates have dropped to historic lows, many homeowners are considering refinancing their homes at a lower interest rate. Although a properly structured deal can save owners money over the life of the loan, there are many points to consider before seeking to refinance.

First, credit requirements remain stringent, so some homebuyers who previously qualified may find their applications rejected in the tighter credit market. Others may be approved for a loan, only to find that their homes have lost value and now do not appraise at the minimum threshold needed to qualify for a refinance. If homeowners plan to sell their home within a few years, the cost of a refinance may outweigh the savings. Another factor to consider is that refinancing often extends the mortgage repayment period. For example, someone who intended to have his or her mortgage paid off by age 60 may now have to make payments until age 70.